Hello! I am Rainer Rösing.

A Full-Stack Digitalist focusing on User Experience and IA of Digital Products. I stand for strategic cross disciplinary thinking in a complex continously transforming digital industry.

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Hamburg Icon based in Hamburg

Another UX guy.

Yes indeed, but...

Academically qualified.

My diploma in "Information Management and Corporate Communication" with a practical orientated mixture of IT, multimedia and marketing is the perfect fundament for my career as digital concepter.

Versatile experienced.

In the last 10 years I worked on more than 100 digital projects in all kinds of industries. Advertising, product development and user testing made me learn a lot about the strategy and process of digital creation and communication.

Efficiency driven.

I am driven by the wish to create useful and feasible results. I make this happen in every step of the design process by choosing the right tool or method and by working close with all team disciplines.

UX Expertise.

Just to make sure...

User Research

Understanding fundamental user needs, customer journeys and the product usage.

Creative Ideas

Even a long digital development process starts at some point with a creative idea.


Conceptual ideas have to be sold in persuasive and structured presentations.


Efficient and structured workshops with various stakeholders.

User Stories

Gathering user centered requirements by defining and clustering user stories.


Visualising complex data and processes in comprehensible flowcharts.


Shaping rough mockups drafts as well as building detailed responsive wireframes.


Wireframes and designs made tangible by transfering them into usable prototypes.

"Good design solutions are not merely physical interesting but are driven by underlying ideas. An idea is a specific mental structure by which we organize, understand, and give meaning to external experiences and information. Without underlying ideas imforming their buliding, architects are merley space planners."

Project Milestones.

Selected, not complete...

It is my profession to create digital experiences with a seamless interaction between users and products or brands. Screendesigns often can’t reflect this complex conceptual work behind the scenes, and a lot of this work doesn’t end in a showable project package at all.

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  • eSailors UX Design Product

    My project workflow?

    Adobe invited me to talk in three sessions live about my experience and especially my workflow as a conceptual UX Designer. Live viewers asked a lot questions and took part in a sample project we created during these sessions.

    2017 - Adobe Paris

    YouTube Replay: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

  • Osram Lightelligence

    IOT Plattform, Microsite & App

    The projects with this exciting client contained a modular and flexible tech-platform system as well as a marketing mircrosite and a standalone app. The technical complexity of the whole environment was a challenge.

    2018 - deepblue networks

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  • Hamburger Kreativgesellschaft mbH

    Cross Innovation Lab (IOT)

    I got selected for a pool of creatives of all kind to work with clients on their challenges in multidisciplinary workshops. I had the change to contribute in a workshop about a fleet management software solutions.

    2018 - Hamburger Kreativgesellschaft

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  • woof & wiggle onlineshop

    Online Shop

    I joined the e-commerce startup woof & wiggle as a side project. This gave me not only the chance to improve my coding skills, I was also to be part of the brand development and products conception and production.

    2018 - Self hosted project

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  • eSailors UX Design Product

    Lottery Product Design

    In an agile product team I worked on various parts of the lottery website to enhance the products feeling, trust and usability. My focus was on the gaming section, always with an eye on ideal conversion rates.

    2017 - eSailors IT Solutions Ltd.

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  • Xing UX Design Product

    Service Design for students

    I designed a customer journey with the vision to enhance the plattform experience for students among all areas of XING. Based on that roadmap and user tests I`ve built up a content and onboarding world for students in a mobile first prototype.

    2016 / 2017 - XING Innovation Lab

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  • TV Spielfim OTT UX Design Product

    OTT / TV Product

    With a lot of love for details and the help of a self moderated user test I worked on integrating new features in several existing native iOS and Android apps and their corresponding web services in an agile product design team.

    2016 - CELLULAR

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  • Sunrise UX Design Product

    Multiscreen Smart TV

    As part of a product development team, I worked on the Android and iPad app of the Sunrise TV ecosystem first, later on the TV Box interface. A versatile multiscreen experience containing various smart technologies and services.

    2015 & 2016 - CELLULAR

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  • Telekom UX Design Product

    Puls Android Tablet

    As conceptual part in a scrum team I worked on the tablets interface experience with focus on the onboarding flow (including a tutorial video) and various interactive widgets, bringing the Telekom services closer to their customers.

    2015 / 2016 - Telekom Products & Innovation

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  • Immobilienscout24 UX Design Product

    Markenaward Microsite

    Immobilienscout’s self-hosted brand award needed a fresh and restructured microsite which is able to grow with the popularity of the award. The goal was to gain more participants and to strengthen the image of the award.

    2015 - Geometry Global

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  • Xing UX Design Product

    Membership Conversion

    To increase the platform’s user amount, I worked on various parts and processes of the community with help of wireframes and prototypes, always in close connection with visual designers, developers and product owners.

    2015 - XING

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  • Nike UX Design Product

    Digital Retail Activation

    To improve the visibility of a sports brand in a selected retail store, I worked on various ideas at an early stage of the project. The result was a wide range of ideas from interactive digital installations to social media activation.

    2015 - Demodern

    Find out more on demoderns website

  • Lovingnewyork.de UX Design Product

    Responsive Travel Guide

    To increase the platform’s traffic and sales, I developed a responsive relaunch concept, including an improved information architecture, a modern navigation and efficient content cross-linking besides a new contemporary layout.

    2015 - Melting Elements

    Check out the result

  • Vodafone UX Design Product

    "First Sailed Mona Lisa"

    We created a microsite where it was possible to follow Lasse Klötzing’s team sailing the Mona Lisa into the sea. Live data and media from the boat was displayed and all action and social media support was documented in a social stream.

    2014 - LLR

    Find out more on Behance

  • agency website relaunch UX Design Product

    Studio Website

    Together with the creatives from LAAYER, I planned and executed a creative kickoff and requirement workshop to define the communication strategy. Responsive wireframes followed up on that fundamental base.

    2015 - Justblue.design / LAAYER

    Find out more on Behance

  • Mercedes-Benz UX Design Product

    "Challenge the Sprinter"

    The task was to create an ad to promote the new Sprinter’s innovative safety features. The result was an interactive mobile ad, letting the user experience these features in a gamificated way by his phones touch gestures.

    2014 - LLR

    Find out more on Behance

  • Chocolat Frey UX Design Product

    "Message For You" Activation

    A landingpage to introduce and explain a unique chocolate product, that allows you to send a personal message out of chocolate. We reinterpretated the product’s mechanic with a digital social media connected tool on the site.

    2014 - LLR

    Find out more on Behance

  • Mercedes-Benz Campaign UX Design Product

    "My New Employee"

    As part of an integrated campaign team, I worked on several digital campaign extension ideas. From interactive specials and gadgets up to the integration of the campaign into the brand’s YouTube Channel via a custom gadget.

    2014 - LLR

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  • APGD UX Design Product

    Portal Relaunch & Strategy

    Main objective of the relaunch was to create more interaction with the site and its content. We achieved this with new content formats, involving the members more than before and delievering a wider range of subjects for different interests.

    2014 - LLR

    More on Behance

  • LSA UX Design Product

    Local Government Portal

    With the objective to bring local politics in a closer connection with the public, I worked on a relaunch and communication concept. Several workshops took place before a detailed fine concept was created for a bid invitation.

    2013 - Publicis Pixelpark

    Concept only. Get in touch.

  • Mercedes-Benz Youtube UX Design Product

    YouTube Car Gadget

    An interactive custom gadget to enrich the brand’s YouTube channel. By asking simple personal car related questions, the gadget instantly proposed the individual matching range of cars and revealed the related videos on YouTube.

    2013 - Publicis Pixelpark

    See on Behance

  • Red Bull UX Design Product

    Internal Web App

    To make internal organisation management easy and even fun, a high performance web-app was built. Besides the interaction design, my main challenge was gathering all requirements in a user story mapping workshop.

    2013 - Publicis Pixelpark

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  • Mercedes-Benz Trucker Stories UX Design Product

    "Germanys Trucker-Stories"

    As part of an integrated campaign for the new Actros, a webspecial asked real truckers to present their best stories. A social voting determined the best submissions. At the same time, yet confidential Actros facts were released daily.

    2012 - Publicis Pixelpark

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  • BER UX Design Product

    Social Media Consulting

    Various facebook specials and competitions, instagram and twitter activation concepts, blog optimisations and more were the result of my long-term consulting work as lead conceptual designer for the Berlin Airport.

    2012-2013 - Publicis Pixelpark

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  • Mercedes-Benz Platform UX Design Product

    Brand Platform Maintenance

    Ongoing work, covering various fields all around the portal’s cosmos and a huge amount of versatile projects like content tuning, cross-linking and teaser concepts, interactive sections and way more tasks with high responsibility.

    2010 - 2013 - Publicis Pixelpark

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  • Truckworks UX Design Product

    Sales Platform Relaunch

    When Responsive Design was far away from being a standard, I created a responsive relaunch prototype, focusing on SEO and an improved conversion rate. The prototype was tested in a user test with the target group.

    2012 - Publicis Pixelpark

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Trust some voices.

Helga Breuer
Scrum Master / Agile Coach Project Coworker at XING Innovation Lab
"Rainer is a great team player and has a fantastic work attitude understanding context quickly and contributing very effectively. I can highly recommend Rainer for his depth of knowledge, experience, his creativity and passion to develop a great product and also to improve team collaboration. He is actually one of the best UX & Product Designers I've ever worked with!"
Jascha Minow
Product Owner Mobile & Smart Home Project Coworker at Telekom Products & Innovation
"It has been a great pleasure working with Rainer on the Telekom Puls project for the past months. His knowledge and expertise as our user experience designer has certainly made the product much better. Rainer is up to any UX challenge you can throw at him, making sure the product and user experience becomes the best available. He is a great guy to work with and a superb addition to any team or project. I look forward to working with him in the future again."
Sebastian Zarnowski
Senior UI Designer Project Coworker at Telekom Products & Innovation
"‘Ridiculously efficient’ is the phrase that comes to mind when I think about Rainer. I had the pleasure of working with Rainer only for four months at the Deutsche Telekom. Rainer expertly filled the role of UX designer and "konzepter" for Telekom Puls tablet project. He always has a creative, positive outlook and he’s good at organizing and bringing people together. I was particularly impressed by Rainer’s ability to handle even the toughest Axure prototypes. Rainer would be an asset to any team."
Nicolas Marshall
Technical Director Team Coworker at LLR
"I worked closely with Rainer on several projects. He possesses a keen instinct when it comes to human nature and this makes him invaluable when it comes to user experience. This combined with his in depth and always cutting edge knowledge of front end technology make Rainer a profoundly awesome UX expert. Would work with him anytime."

Never trust the establishment.

New Media Award

2x Shortlist Branded Experience

Deutscher Digital Award

1x Campaignsite Bronze

ADC Germany

1x Branded Content Bronze

1x Microsite Bronze


1x Special Mention


1x Mobile Site of the Day


1x Social Media Silver

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Based in Hamburg. Available worldwide.


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